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This new download from Connectd explores research from 200 UK investors and entrepreneurs. The report showcases how the UK startups scene is in no way diminishing and explores how the pandemic has had a positive impact on the startup landscape.

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The pandemic seems to have thrown everything up in the air, and in the world of business, the media continues to highlight its crippling effects. Many companies failed to make it through, with certain industries being hit especially hard due to lockdown measures. 

Despite this, the UK startup scene hasn’t shrunk. If anything, it has flourished in the past few years. In the government’s annual report of new company activities, 2020 to 2021 saw the second-highest number of incorporations since UK figures were first reported.

Roei Samuel

Being an angel investor isn’t easy. Having experienced life as a startup CEO and an angel investor, I’m familiar with both sides of the coin, and I know how hard it can be to find relevant and credible entrepreneurs to invest in that best match your skillset. 

To find out why there is such a mismatch between investors and
startups, we commissioned a poll of early-stage investors and
entrepreneurs. This report highlights the lack of connections, and how bridging that gap is essential in growing the UK’s startup ecosystem.

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