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Investors are perpetually in search of ‘the next big thing’ and many are turning to the youngest and most entrepreneurial generation for the answers: Gen Z. In this brand new download from Connectd, we explore what makes Gen Z founders tick, and what the future holds for the startup ecosystem.

What's inside?

We commissioned a survey of 100 entrepreneurs, carried out by international research consultancy Censuswide to shed light on how this generation of entrepreneurs work, what advice and guidance they are seeking, and how they find investment.

The results show the stark differences between Gen Z and older entrepreneurs, and provide valuable insights for investors and Gen Z founders to build collaborative and valuable relationships. Gen Z are the most inspiring, dynamic and ambitious generation yet, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. The startup ecosystem will be shaped by them, and investors, advisors and other founders have much to learn from them.

Roei Samuel
Connectd founder & CEO

The startup ecosystem moves quickly and that pace will only be accelerated by the emergence of Gen Z founders, with this dynamic new generation pushing the boundaries of business.

The results of our research highlight how differently Gen Z approach sourcing investment, their expectations and needs when seeking advice and guidance, and the strong ethical compass that drives their business decisions. At Connectd we champion disruption and dynamism, and with Gen Z founders embodying these ideals, I’d say the startup ecosystem’s future looks bright.

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The Gen Z founder and investor relationship